Can I participate in a clinical trial at home?

During a clinical test, there is always an incompressible time of presence at the center, for reasons of safety and convenience especially when carrying out examinations and analysis. Depending on the type and duration of the clinical study, this can vary from a few hours a day to a stay of several days or weeks.

Ambulatory trials

For your comfort, we developed ambulatory trials which, as much as possible, do not require hospitalization but only visits to the Biotrial center. In this case, you have a personalized and precise schedule indicating the dates and times when you are expected by our medical teams for your examinations. It is essential that this schedule is respected so as not to distort the results of our study.

Family visits are an option

If the trial requires a stay of more than 7 days, you have a right of visit from your close family, so that the clinical tests remain a pleasant and convivial experience for you.

Before making you participate in a clinical trial, we communicate to you with total transparency all the conditions and constraints related to the test. Learn about it in detail and ask us all the questions you want.