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Research volunteers talk about their clinical trial

We appreciate our research volunteers strength and dedication because, without them, life-changing breakthroughs would not be possible. Clinical trials make life better. Sign up today to make invaluable contributions to changing lives around the world.

Middle Aged Asian Male | Biotrial

Taro, 65, Retired

"Soon after I retired, I became a widow. I wanted to do something good for others. And I thought, why not join clinical trials? It may not seem like a big deal, but this is my way of making a difference."

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African American Female Freelancer | Biotrial

Deja, 30, Freelancer

"My mother told me about Biotrial studies. Since I’m having trouble sleeping, I signed up for their study that required people with insomnia symptoms. I have very high hopes for this trial and look forward to helping for a treatment for sleeping problems."

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Senior African American Male | Biotrial

Stanley, 66, Retired

"I am proud to be a volunteer at Biotrial. I have been participating for 5 years now. I was able to appreciate how people in the medical field spend their efforts on medical development. I’m happy I can help somehow. We are regularly compensated so I can treat my grandchildren."

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African American Profile Picture | Biotrial

Isaac, 44, Self-Employed

"Volunteering at Biotrial has helped me in a lot of ways. Not only in terms of financial needs but also to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been volunteering for clinical trials for 2 years now and I have confidence in their medical expertise."

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Ruth Profile Picture | Biotrial

Sarah, 36, Freelancer

"I’ve been volunteering at Biotrial for their clinical studies for 4 years now. That's my secret for traveling the world. The staff really takes care of us and strives to make us feel comfortable throughout the trial. I’m a regular volunteer and have no plans of stopping anytime soon."

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Stephen Profile Picture | Biotrial

Luis, 40, Job Hunter

"If you're unemployed and looking for extra money, Biotrial is the way to go! I'm telling you, I was scared at first but the staff makes you feel comfortable and they take good care of you, making sure you're health is in check. Plus, it feels good to help." Since then I even referred other healthy volunteers and received more money."

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Kevin Job Hunter | Biotrial

Sebastian, 20, Student

"If you’re looking for extra income, I highly recommend participating in Biotrial’s clinical trials. The staff is great and always happy to explain everything. I felt good about myself when we were done, like I was really doing something important in my life."

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Female Student Along A University Hall Way | Biotrial

Aditi, 19, Student

"After being referred by my friend, my experience at Biotrial was very smooth. Everyone was so friendly and answered all my questions during the study process. Getting the financial compensation seems so much money for a short in-patient stay and a few in-person visits here and there! Not only do they pay you for participating, but they will pay you more if you refer another healthy volunteer."


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Male Senior Citizen Posing Outdoors | Biotrial

Reuben, 60, Retired

"I got bored not working anymore so I decided to volunteer for Biotrial’s clinical studies. My experience was better than I expected. The doctors guided me through the entire process and made me feel welcome and at ease. It was actually really cool because I get to help people."

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African American Student On A Field | Biotrial

Kenneth, 28, Job Hunter

"At the moment I am pursuing a trial that is spread over 1 week of hospitalization and 15 ambulatory visits. As I am currently unemployed, I have a pretty flexible schedule. The financial aspect is quite motivating and it is also great to discuss with caregivers and other volunteers."

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Elijah Sitting On A Cafe With Phone | Biotrial

Elijah, 21, Working Full-Time

"After being referred by my best friend, I signed up to participate in a study. I liked the staff and they made me comfortable to ask the hundreds of questions I had. I made enough money to buy a nice used car!"

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Female Senior In Orange Shirt | Biotrial

Barbara, 67, Retired

"My grandson did a clinical trial at Biotrial, and he talked to me a lot about it. I thought, "why not me?" I jumped and called recruitment. I was lucky because Biotrial was carrying out a study with elderlies between 65 and 85 years. I am in very good health, and guess what, I enrolled in the study. I made some money, but above all, I am proud that I could help with medical advances".

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Middle Aged Caucasian in the park | Biotrial

Bob, 48, Working Full-Time

"My poor sister suffered from osteoporosis since she was in her 20s. I never had any health issues and when Biotrial opened the registration for a medication to treat osteoporosis, I didn’t think twice about joining. I took a week's vacation and did the study. I am proud to help other people from going through the pain that my sister experiences with osteoporosis."

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Will Profile Picture | Biotrial

Will, 54, Self-Employed

"I explored the internet for some things I could do to earn money. I read a lot about clinical trials and decided to give it a try. I am lucky to be in very good health and volunteered for a study at Biotrial on Diabetes. My mother was a diabetic so I’m enjoyed giving back and helping out in her memory."

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Girl Standing Outside Office | Biotrial

Shanice, 19, Student

"I volunteered for clinical studies at Biotrial because I wanted to help my mom with some household bills. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. The staff was there for me, listened to my concerns, and made me feel very comfortable through the entire process. I even referred other healthy volunteers and received a referral bonus."

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Shawn Profile Picture | Biotrial

Shawn, 35, Working Full-Time

"I can be a bit of a hard critic when selecting Health care Facilities and the people who work there. On my first visit, recruitment was extremely helpful. I met with the study nurse and the doctors, I was pleased with how informative everyone was. The facility is clean and peaceful. The pay was more than amazing, I got to pay off on some bills I was fallen behind on."

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Mateo Profile Picture | Biotrial

Mateo, 25, Student

"I decided to volunteer for clinical trials because I needed extra income to go back to school. I was nervous at first, but the people were very knowledgeable of procedures and made me feel that my safety is a top priority. I will recommend this to friends who want to earn extra money. When one of my friends participates I will get a referral bonus from Biotrial!"

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Middle aged Female Asian In White | Biotrial

Mika, 50, Working Part-Time

"I've been a volunteer with Biotrial now for a little over 3 years. I have never felt a guinea pig. Biotrial has the most caring doctors and staff.  During my visits, I am not rushed they make sure they explain every detail before having me sign anything. I like to think that I help with medical research and I don't feel constrained."

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Biotrial | health clinical trial participants over 65 years

Healthy volunteers 65+ years old

Biotrial Inc. is looking for healthy volunteers 65 years old and over. For more information: contact our recruiters at 844-246-8459 or email us at: Our

Elderly Diversity Clinical Trials NJ

Healthy Volunteers 1BXCL6

You may qualify and be compensated up to $5,600 for participating in this study if you meet the following criteria: Next check-in dates: 25 April

Glaucoma clinical trial at Biotrial

Healthy volunteers 1THEA1

You may qualify and be compensated up to $1,500 if you meet the following requirements: Study duration: 2 outpatient dosing days on D1 (full day)

Check out available study volunteer opportunities

Become a medical research volunteer and help find a treatment, vaccine, or cure for diseases.

Clinical trials need volunteers like you!

Heart With Flask | Biotrial

Medical research

You give hope to patients in need of new treatments

Heart WIth Atom | Biotrial

Safety and privacy

We offer transparency and safety before and during the study

Heart With Molecules | Biotrial


You may earn thousands of dollars

Heart With Flask | Biotrial

Medical research

Heart WIth Atom | Biotrial

Safety and privacy

Heart With Molecules | Biotrial


You give hope to patients in need of new treatments

We offer transparency and safety before and during the study

You may earn thousands of dollars

Medical research volunteering, what is it all about?

Medical research volunteering is an important part of a study or research process to test medications and products before these are made available to the public. In most cases, healthy and unhealthy people are welcome to volunteer, depending on the research requirements. At Biotrial US, we mainly use healthy volunteers for our Phase 1 clinical trials.

We have a handful of clinical research volunteer opportunities waiting for you. SIGN UP now and be part of improving clinical care and treatment in the future.

Why do medical research volunteering?

New treatment discoveries are only possible because of the medical research volunteers who participate in clinical studies. Joining a clinical trial is an important decision.

Contributing to medical research can not only benefit people in the future, but they also help us learn ways to prevent and treat medical conditions. Without clinical research studies and our volunteers who take part in them, modern medicine would not exist.

We have a handful of clinical research volunteer opportunities waiting for you. Sign up today and be part of improving clinical care and treatment in the future.

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Welcome to the community of people who have seized the opportunity, the chance to be part of something bigger. Become a medical test volunteer and help us discover new treatments and advance medical science.

No matter your age, sex and situation, your participation in a clinical trial demonstrates your closeness to millions of patients to whom you give new chances!

Join our team of research study volunteers and give hope to patients all over the globe.

A volunteer’s journey at Biotrial

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Complete the registration form and call us at 844-246-8459. Our recruiters will be happy to help you, and it will take 5 minutes of your time to know if you are eligible. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Refer a friend

Refer your friends and relatives to become paid research study volunteers and receive from $100 to $1000 depending on the study.

Be informed, be a paid volunteer for medical research

Making the decision to become a study volunteer carries lots of questions. We are committed to transparency and keeping you fully informed about the procedures involved, your rights as a participant, and the benefits and risks of participating. At Biotrial, our team will guide you every step of the way. Our representatives are here if you need to ask questions before, during and after the study. SIGN UP now.
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