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Volunteers who participate in paid clinical studies contribute to save lives. Learn why many people consider getting paid for medical research. #clinicaltrialsforabetterlife
Volunteers who participate in paid clinical studies save lives.

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Why should I consider medical research volunteering?

Medical treatment discoveries are only possible thanks to volunteers who take part in paid clinical studies. You can contribute significantly to medical research. Sign up today and help improve clinical care.

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Research volunteers talk about their
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We appreciate our volunteers’ dedication, without them, medical breakthroughs would not be possible. Sign up today to become a medical hero and improve lives around the world.
Ruth Profile Picture | Biotrial
Sarah, 36, Freelancer

“I’ve been volunteering at Biotrial for their clinical studies for 4 years now. That’s my secret for traveling the world. The staff really takes care of us and strives to make us feel comfortable throughout the trial. I’m a regular volunteer and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.”

Mateo Profile Picture | Biotrial
Mateo, 25, Student

“I decided to volunteer for clinical trials because I needed extra income to go back to school. I was nervous at first, but the people were very knowledgeable of procedures and made me feel that my safety is a top priority. I will recommend this to friends who want to earn extra money. When one of my friends participates I will get a referral bonus from Biotrial!”

Middle Aged Caucasian in the park | Biotrial
Bob, 48, Working Full-Time

“My poor sister suffered from osteoporosis since she was in her 20s. I never had any health issues and when Biotrial opened the registration for a medication to treat osteoporosis, I didn’t think twice about joining. I took a week’s vacation and did the study. I am proud to help other people from going through the pain that my sister experiences with osteoporosis.”

African American Profile Picture | Biotrial
Isaac, 44, Self-Employed

“Volunteering at Biotrial has helped me in a lot of ways. Not only in terms of financial needs but also to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been volunteering for clinical trials for 2 years now and I have confidence in their medical expertise.”

Middle Aged Asian Male | Biotrial
Taro, 65, Retired

“Soon after I retired, I became a widow. I wanted to do something good for others. And I thought, why not join clinical trials? It may not seem like a big deal, but this is my way of making a difference.”

A volunteer’s journey at Biotrial

This animated video walks you through the process of becoming a paid clinical trial volunteer at Biotrial. Learn how you will start your journey to become a medical hero from signing up to completing a study in our top notch facility.

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Refer friends and family to give them a chance to become medical heroes

Why Volunteer

Medical heroes are everyday people who help advance public health and medicine by volunteering in clinical trials.

Referring a friend is a good way to help advance medical research and earn money when your friend participates in a clinical trial. The more friends you recommend, the better your chance of earning.

Our Refer a friend program only applies to medical studies with in-house stays. Referees must be first-time participants or registered volunteers who did not participate in  clinical trial at Biotrial in the last five years.

You do not have to participate in a study to earn money when you refer a friend.

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Ask your friend to sign up

You sign up and ask your friend to sign up and provide your name.
You can also call us at 844-246-8459

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Take our call to get paid

When your referral bonus is ready to be processed, we will contact you to complete the documentation and issue the payment.