What to Expect From Our Volunteer Research Opportunities

Journey of a volunteer, join our clinical trial recruitment

“We feel pampered”; “If I have questions, I call, it’s simple and effective”; “We were put at ease”;… The reviews from our clinical trial volunteers are very positive. When you volunteer at Biotrial, you become a medical research hero.

You saw an advertisement on the web or heard a commercial on the radio and asked yourself: why not me? Our advice: Trust yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us and join our patient recruitment for clinical trials! We will explain everything you need to know and schedule a screening appointment for you.

Biotrial is a top-notch clinical and therapeutic trials center

Our company is known as one of the best clinical trial recruiting companies due to our professionalism and dedication. Do you want to volunteer for our paid clinical trial in a safe and secure process? Reach out to us. Call our recruitment team at 844-246-8459

From the first health check to the end of the clinical study, we will provide you high quality care and utmost security and transparency.

Seize the chance to become a medical research hero, become a volunteer!

1. Get a complete health check-up

You made an appointment for a preliminary consultation with our medical team. It is called a screening visit.

During this visit, you will have a urine test and a clinician will perform a physical examination to check your overall health. Our technicians will perform other tests, depending on the study, such as heart or vision exams. Then we will draw your blood.

The screening visit is a good opportunity to ask all your questions to the medical team.

2. Meet the clinical study criteria

Our medical team called you to inform you about your blood work.

Good news, you are perfectly healthy and you will be able to participate in the study.

Sometimes the clinician will need to double-check on one or more criteria and will ask you to come for another blood draw. We call it a “repeat test.” But, don’t worry, you may still end up eligible for the study of your choice.

3. Visit or stay in our clinic

The design of the studies vary. Most of the time it is a mix of in-patient stay (from one day to a week or more) and ambulatory visits (from one day to a dozen).

At Biotrial, we strive to make your stay comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. During an in-patient stay at the center, you will have time time to read, play video games, watch television, relax, study, or even work online.

4. Receive compensation all along

All along the clinical study, you will receive compensation for your participation. Our recruitment team will give you a calendar with a break-down of the payments that you will receive.

Studies and registered participants are notified of any new studies that could match their profile.

Be part of successful medical stories, refer friends and get a referral bonus

Your decision to participate can help achieve successful medical stories in the years to come. It’s more than just being compensated, it’s also about doing something bigger for future generations.

You can also refer your friends and family and get a referral bonus when they participate in a study. The referral bonus varies from $100 to $500, depending on the study.

We are looking for
healthy volunteers
who want to make a difference and get paid
for research studies.

We need healthy men and women 18 to 80 all year round to become volunteers for our Phase I paid clinical trials.  Our medical research studies compensate your time and effort. Register now to participate.


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