Meet Our Clinical Trial Volunteers

Welcome to the Biotrial Testimonials page. This is a space where stories of contribution and commitment come to life, told by our incredible community of participants. Through their experiences, you’ll gain firsthand insights into the world of clinical trials and the important role they play in advancing medical research. Each testimonial serves as a testament to the impact individuals can make in the pursuit of scientific discovery. As you explore these narratives, we hope they provide you with a clearer picture of the Biotrial journey, inspiring confidence and understanding in the process.

Female Senior In Orange Shirt | Biotrial

Barbara, 67, Retired

“My grandson did a clinical trial at Biotrial, and he talked to me a lot about it. I thought, “why not me?” I jumped and called recruitment. I was lucky because Biotrial was carrying out

Shawn Profile Picture | Biotrial

Shawn, 35, Working Full-Time

“I can be a bit of a hard critic when selecting Health care Facilities and the people who work there. On my first visit, recruitment was extremely helpful. I met with the study nurse and

Stephen Profile Picture | Biotrial

Luis, 40, Job Hunter

“If you’re unemployed and looking for extra money, Biotrial is the way to go! I’m telling you, I was scared at first but the staff makes you feel comfortable and they take good care of

African American Female Freelancer | Biotrial

Deja, 30, Freelancer

“My mother told me about Biotrial studies. Since I’m having trouble sleeping, I signed up for their study that required people with insomnia symptoms. I have very high hopes for this trial and look forward

Will Profile Picture | Biotrial

Will, 54, Self-Employed

“I explored the internet for some things I could do to earn money. I read a lot about clinical trials and decided to give it a try. I am lucky to be in very good

Senior African American Male | Biotrial

Stanley, 66, Retired

“I am proud to be a volunteer at Biotrial. I have been participating for 5 years now. I was able to appreciate how people in the medical field spend their efforts on medical development. I’m

Middle Aged Caucasian in the park | Biotrial

Bob, 48, Working Full-Time

“My poor sister suffered from osteoporosis since she was in her 20s. I never had any health issues and when Biotrial opened the registration for a medication to treat osteoporosis, I didn’t think twice about

Male Senior Citizen Posing Outdoors | Biotrial

Reuben, 60, Retired

“I got bored not working anymore so I decided to volunteer for Biotrial’s clinical studies. My experience was better than I expected. The doctors guided me through the entire process and made me feel welcome

Kevin Job Hunter | Biotrial

Sebastian, 20, Student

“If you’re looking for extra income, I highly recommend participating in Biotrial’s clinical trials. The staff is great and always happy to explain everything. I felt good about myself when we were done, like I

Elijah Sitting On A Cafe With Phone | Biotrial

Elijah, 21, Working Full-Time

“After being referred by my best friend, I signed up to participate in a study. I liked the staff and they made me comfortable to ask the hundreds of questions I had. I made enough