Medication Testing: The Role of the Voluntary Tester

As a volunteer , you help advance medical testing and research. Your role is major, as drugs cannot be marketed without successfully passing various test phases carried out on healthy volunteers and patient volunteers.


After a medical examination and an information meeting in which you collect all the information necessary for your consent, you officially become a volunteer for our trial.

It can be a medication test but also to test other forms of therapeutic solutions (compression stockings, e-health products, etc.).


Being informed about your medication compatibility is important before going further to the test.

In addition to the application of the therapy itself, we carry out various medical checks with you: blood samples, blood pressure measurement, urine collections, etc.
All the constraints and risks associated with the test are mentioned during the preliminary information meeting.

Also see the list of frequently asked questions.


At the end of our clinical trials, we ensure the medical follow-up of our volunteers until the end of the study of drugs. An exclusion period, during which volunteers cannot participate in other clinical studies, is set for each trial. We recontact the volunteers and invite them to take part in new trials, which they often do. Many of them also sponsor their friends so that they can be useful in turn. We also invite them to share their experience . Medical research needs volunteers! If you are interested, SIGN UP now and talk to our representatives.


Patient testing takes time: a non-taxable allowance is therefore paid to each participant according to the availability required for the pharmaceutical study.

Be a volunteer and bring change to future generations.

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We need healthy men and women 18 to 80 all year round to become volunteers for our Phase I paid clinical trials.  Our medical research studies compensate your time and effort. Register now to participate.

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