Be Involved By Volunteering For Medical Research

You can help advance medical research by volunteering in clinical trials conducted by Biotrial. Volunteering for medical research adds to the medical knowledge associated with preventing diseases and other conditions. With your participation, you help explore and identify different ways to improve the quality of life of many individuals worldwide, hoping to find a new treatment.

Our current studies seek healthy men and women aged 18 to 85 to test new therapies (drugs, medical devices, e-health products, etc.). The goal is to evaluate the safety of a new drug on healthy volunteers before it proceeds to further clinical studies with patients.

Compensated clinical tests

Clinical tests on healthy volunteers are compensated from a few hundred to several thousand of dollars. As a volunteer for research studies, you will get paid for your time and travel. Several factors, including the length of the in-patient stay and the number of ambulatory visits required, determine the amount of financial compensation.

Clinical studies are carried out after a complete medical examination and are subject to the favorable opinion of the physician who leads the clinical trial at the study site.

Why become a volunteer?

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Help make the world a better place: volunteer for medical research studies!

We are looking for
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We need healthy men and women 18 to 80 all year round to become volunteers for our Phase I paid clinical trials.  Our medical research studies compensate your time and effort. Register now to participate.


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