What is a pharmaceutical test for?

Why Do We Carry Out Pharmacology Tests?

Clinical pharmacology tests are a mandatory step in the process of developing new therapeutic solutions and future drugs.

Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development

Clinical pharmacology in drug development is the study of drugs in humans. It focuses on creating and understanding new drug therapies and how it could affect people. This must be handled with utmost precision so as to ensure safety among volunteers and patients. At Biotrial, we have already helped different pharmaceutical companies with their pharmacological testing requirements. Contact us today.

Drug Discovery and Development Process

The drug discovery and development process involves numerous steps. These are categorized into different Phases, which are further discussed in the succeeding sections.
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These studies mainly involve healthy volunteers and attempt to properly assess the tolerance of future patients (detection of side effects) and the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic solutions.

The objective of these so-called tolerance studies is to find out how the product behaves in the body before testing its effectiveness in the patient.

It is therefore necessary to conduct these clinical studies in a strictly supervised medical framework, seeking very high precision, on small groups of healthy volunteers . Indeed, the presence of an infection or a pathology in a volunteer can disturb the results of the study.


Phase II and III clinical trials are carried out on patients affected by the disease to be treated. The purpose of these protocols is to study the efficacy, the dosage and again the tolerance of volunteer patients with regard to the drug. Biotrial can help you complete your drug development through our clinical trials. Contact us now and let’s work together.

Advances in Pharmacological Sciences

Our company supports the advances in Pharmacological Sciences by providing our clinical research services. 

We want to help different pharmaceutical companies develop drugs that could effectively treat various illnesses. With our expertise and advanced facility, we make it possible. 

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