What phase of clinical trials are done at the Biotrial clinic?

Clinical studies are one of the mandatory steps in the process of developing future treatments. The studies carried out by our research center in the US are mainly Phase 1 studies with healthy volunteers.

During a clinical trial, some volunteers will receive a single dose of a drug while others may receive multiple dosages. Indeed, the principle is to study the tolerance of the product gradually on successive groups of participants.

To test the efficacy of a new treatment, some volunteers will receive a dose of the test drug while others will receive a placebo – which is an inactive treatment that looks exactly like the test drug. These trials are blinded, meaning that no one at Biotrial, and certainly not the medical team, knows who got the drug test or the placebo.
It is only after the completion of Phase I studies that it becomes possible to test a new treatment on patients. The drug can then continue its journey until it is finally available to healthcare professionals to prescribe.