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What is my commitment?

Participating in a clinical trial: what is my commitment?

Depending on the duration and type of clinical study, the participant’s involvement will vary from a few hours a day to several overnights and several ambulatory visits. Some ambulatory trials do not require in-patient stay but a few short visits to the Biotrial research center.

Your expectations and availability should be taken into account when you make your decision to join. We will outline all of the necessary information during an initial call with our recruitment team so you can make a sound decision based on your schedule.

The initial screening visit will allow you to ask all your questions before consenting to do the clinical trial (read our FAQ on Informed Consent). It is our priority and goal to be fully transparent so you feel comfortable and confident in the process before you sign a consent. You will be able to withdraw your consent anytime.

Our teams answer all your questions in detail. Find below the questions that you might want to ask to our clinicians:

  • Which treatments am I being offered?
  • What are the frequency, location and duration of consultations and hospitalizations?
  • What types of exams will be performed?
  • How is my safety ensured?
  • How do I know the results of the clinical trial ?
Clinical trials are highly supervised and are subject to numerous controls. Learn more about it on our FAQ pages.