What are the different pharmaceutical types of medications?

Take a tablet for the headache, apply an anesthetic gel, use eye drops to treat conjunctivitis, and administer a preparation for infusion: the pharmaceutical type of drugs is numerous. In the pharmaceutical language, these diverse types of medication are called galenic forms and must comply with specific packaging.

The galenic types of health products are adapted to the routes of administration. Among these, oral medications represent 80% of the drugs used. Effervescent or non-effervescent tablets, capsules, and drinkable solutions such as syrup are medications often prescribed during a consultation with the doctor.

Dermal forms referred to as ointments, creams, patches, or gels allow the drug to be applied directly to the skin to act locally or penetrate through the skin.

Injectable drugs are used in order to obtain a rapid effect or when the intestine is not able to absorb the substance in question. The injection comes in various forms: solution in an ampoule, powder in a vial to dissolve, or solution for intravenous injection.

Specific medications also exist in particular to treat the eyes, ears, and nose. Inhaled medications use the lungs as an entry point into the body for more global use. Metered-valve pressurized inhalers are the most common forms. Finally, the rectal forms mainly concern suppositories. The absorption of their active ingredients is rapid and their administration is easier, especially for children.

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