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Are you retired?

Biotrial is looking for healthy volunteers from 18 to 85 years old. It could be you! Many seniors have already carried out clinical trials at Biotrial, not only to generate a significant income but also to make an impact on patients’ lives. Our clinical trials aim to improve the health of others, who will one day benefit from the product or drug you are testing. There has been significant progress in medicine over the last 50 to 100 years and many seniors have been a big part of this process.

Volunteering for a clinical trial will allow you to earn money while taking part in medical advances and helping patients in need of new treatments. 

As a retiree, you probably have a flexible schedule that will allow you to participate in the clinical trial of your choice. We carry out trials with inpatient stay or ambulatory visits, or both. We often have a choice of trials and one of them might be a good fit for you. Meet like-minded seniors and form new friendships during our clinical trials.

Your participation in a clinical study is financially compensated, depending on the duration of the study. Our team is committed to making every volunteer’s experience easy and enjoyable. We strive to treat you with most care and respect throughout the entire process.

Biotrial implements the regulation set for clinical trials in the US. We provide utmost safety for all of our volunteers, we ensure privacy and transparency as well as advanced medical monitoring. So there is no question of playing with your own health, a stringent process is in place to ensure that you are always safe.

If you are healthy and your profile matches the study requirements, we will schedule a screening visit. The screening visit is mandatory and is used to assess your eligibility for a clinical trial. Our medical team will conduct a complete medical examination and will provide you with the results as part of the visit. You will also be compensated for your time.


Become a volunteer

If you wish to be informed and/or participate in one of our clinical studies, simply fill out the registration form. Access and complete the confidential medical file to register as a volunteer with Biotrial.